Sacro-250 Sachet


  • Saccharomyces Boulardii 125/250mg Sachet
  • 250/500mg Capsule
  • lactobacillus sporogenes 100 million spores


  • Achieves high concentration in colon quickly
  • Does not permanently colonize
  • Does not translocate easily out of intestinal
  • Tract
  • The time of maximum stool concentration Is 36 hours
  • Steady state concentration were achieved within a mean of 3 days

Effect on Intestinal Mucosa

  • No invasion into mucosal layer
  • Increases the duodena-jejunum levels of mucosa sucrase , lactase and maltase
  • Thus improves absorption of carbohydrates

Immunological Response

Increases secretory Lg A and secretory component in small intestine