With the advancement in medical care helping people to live a longer and happy life, the need for research and development continues to grow. D. R. JOHN’S LAB researchers are working to develop innovative ways of manufacturing that improve wellness and quality, complying with WHO, GMP and International Specifications and Standards. There is an in-house laboratory comprising of advanced instruments chemicals and micro biology equipped with latest & best facilities such as – HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography), UV, FTIR (Fourier transform infra red). Additionally, a strict quality procedure under the surveillance of the Quality Assurance / Quality control personnel to maintain best quality, standards and control for Raw material, online process test and finished formulations testing. QC/QA is looked after by

Dr. Pankaj Kumar - Ph. D - Quality Control.
Dr. (Ms.) Binaxi Chauhan - Ph. D - Quality Assurance.